The hot hybrid candidates that Google is hiring in Hong Kong

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The hot hybrid candidates that Google is hiring in Hong Kong

If you’re thinking about the ideal location to work for Google Cloud in Asia, Google’s sprawling APAC headquarters in suburban Singapore probably springs immediately to mind. The tech firm has 21 Singapore-based cloud jobs on its career site right now, many of them with regional responsibilities.

Hong Kong is, however, emerging as an alternative (albeit still less plentiful) location for cloud jobs as Google takes on strong regional competition from the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the top cloud provider globally, and Alibaba Cloud, which has the largest market share in Asia.

Google Cloud has several Hong Kong-based jobs on offer, some of which are purely sales focused. More interestingly, the unit’s local technology jobs also demand a broad range of business development skills. Hybrid tech/business jobs are all the rage in Google’s comparatively small office in Hong Kong, where there are fewer specialist tech roles on offer than in Singapore.

To land Google Cloud’s ‘infrastructure modernisation specialist’ position, for example, you’ll need a computer science degree and core technology skills, from knowledge of networking to experience of datacenter migration, according to Google’s careers site. Once on the job, however, you’ll be working closely with the sales team and helping customers “solve their business challenges”. If you’re a technologist at a Hong Kong bank frustrated about your support-role status and isolation from the front-office and clients, this could be a tempting role to go for.

The ‘customer engineer, collaboration’ job at Google Cloud in Hong Kong is essentially a sales/engineering hybrid position. In addition to the engineering requirements of the role, Google stresses the need for communication and presentation skills to help explain technical features and solve “roadblocks” for customers.

If you want to move from a cloud role at a bank to Google Cloud, you need to convince Google that you are adaptable enough to make what is potentially a challenging transition. “In banking, the major cloud focus is on architecture design, implementation and BAU support, while roles in cloud companies like Google, Azure, AWS and Alibaba involve pre-sales, facing clients, relationship building, and providing architecture design and solution proposals,” says Danny Kwan, a managing consultant at technology recruiters Pinpoint Asia. “You also need to be presentable on stage to do live demos and presentations,” he adds.

Google Cloud is hiring solutions architects in Hong Kong this year. The main programming languages you’ll need to know are C/C++, Python, Java, or Go – and to stand out as a candidate it’s best to have experience in cloud infrastructure, storage, platforms and data. But again, these are not roles where you can hide out in the tech team – Google is looking for people who’ve worked closely with sales and marketing and external organisations, and can “craft a compelling message that mixes technical expertise with everyday language”.

Bottom line: in a Google Cloud job interview in Hong Kong, you can expect to be tested not just on your technical ability, but also on your communication and collaborating skills, and your knowledge of the cloud business in Asia.

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