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HSBC values long-term relationships with its employees and therefore has always been committed to supporting personal development and career progression. As a global organisation offering a wide range of opportunities, we are willing to consider our employees’ aspirations and demonstrate as much flexibility as we can to allow them to succeed in their careers within HSBC Group and locally. We encourage our people to take responsibility for driving their own personal development, and we ensure management helps to identify opportunities. We provide extensive training programmes to help our people build skills through the multiple tools, learning materials and courses with HSBC University, our learning hub launched in 2017, and as a Global, universal Bank, we promote international mobility.

HSBC in Luxembourg equally offers employees a wealth of opportunities regardless of their background and previous career. The stories of Claude Quintus, Director, Senior Business Manager at HSBC Securities Services, and Carine El Nouchi, General Counsel illustrate this point

Claude Quintus, joined HSBC in Luxembourg following the acquisition of Bank of Bermuda in 2004 where he was the Head of the Treasury Department after ten years with the company. The choices offered by the broader organisation gave him the opportunity of an interesting career progression.

“The opportunities with HSBC at this stage in my career were a major determinant in my decision to stay. After several years in a trading floor environment, I aspired to develop my career in banking with a focus on client relationships. The options provided by HSBC Group to gain experience which matched my personal expectations gave me a very good reason to stay with the Group.”

The integration of Bank of Bermuda’s alternative funds services provided him with the ideal opportunity to progress in a different direction within Securities Services. After starting with HSBC in Luxembourg as a Client Relationship Manager Alternative Funds, he held several positions including Head of Custody and was able to look again for new opportunities based on his experience.

“HSBC’s openness to career progression and risk sharing with the employee wishing to take on a new role is a decisive factor when it comes to choosing a new route. Beyond mutual trust, the organisation supports continuing education programmes, along with those outside HSBC University, and encourages its employees to take advantage of the huge potential of HSBC Group globally to develop their careers locally. I was able to secure full support – including financial support – when I chose to do an MBA in Management studies which has allowed me to move further up the scale to my current position within HSBC Securities Services.”

Coming from a different background and another country, Carine El Nouchi moved to HSBC in Luxembourg as the new General Counsel in January 2019 after thirteen years as Head of International legal matters within the Legal department of HSBC Global Asset Management in France. She joined HSBC in 2006 from Société Générale Asset Management where she was working as Legal Counsel and much involved at international level.

“At a certain point in my career with HSBC Global Asset Management France, I started to feel the need to step out of my comfort zone and take on new challenges. I shared with my manager my aspiration to go abroad and was sent to New York for five months in order to gain more in-depth knowledge of the US regulations.” says Carine

Her story clearly shows the importance of sharing her feelings at the right time with the right people but also the absolute support of her manager, convinced that any constructive suggestion toward a career evolution benefits the employee, the team and the organisation.

“HSBC Group not only offers international mobility; it also promotes professional development despite the challenges for the team. Letting someone experience a new role for five months requires major adjustments to carry on business as usual.”

A few years on, Carine El Nouchi was offered to move a step further and become the new General Counsel at HSBC in Luxembourg, covering all HSBC entities in the country.

“The opportunity came as I was willing to take further responsibilities at an international level. After a few months with HSBC in Luxembourg, I can only praise the positive attitude in-line with the corporate culture: I had to start on my own as my predecessor had already left, but I was given the time and space to adapt to my new role and strengthen my knowledge in specific areas outside of asset management.”

Beyond the many positive aspects of working at HSBC in Luxembourg and within HSBC Group, Claude Quintus and Carine El Nouchi speak as one voice to highlight that expressing their aspirations to further progress in their careers was key.

“Working in such an encouraging environment is extremely motivating. If one demonstrates personal interest, the organisation shows real commitment and flexibility to support the move.” In addition to fulfilling their own careers, “employees get the feeling that they contribute even more actively to the organisation, and this is a very rewarding experience”.

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