Analyst, associate, VP, director: where is it easiest to get a banking job in Singapore?

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Analyst, associate, VP, director: where is it easiest to get a banking job in Singapore?

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If you're looking for a front office banking job in Singapore right now - and there are many people on the market - it's good to know what the competition is like. This depends on your level of experience.

We’ve analysed our database to find Singapore CVs across eight front-office functions and then compared these results to the job openings we currently have on our system to reveal the number of CVs per vacancy.

The charts below, which cover four levels of seniority, will give you an indication of whether your job search will be cinch or a struggle. The lower the number, the less competition you will encounter.

At the one to three-years' level (analyst rank at most banks), commodities professionals looking for work in Singapore are in a strong position, with only 19 CVs per job. M&A is the second ‘easiest’ front-office sector to find work in as a young banker – investment banks are still selectively hiring juniors even as they trim their very senior ranks.

Associate job seekers (three to seven years’ experience) enjoy by far the best employment market in Singapore right now. The number of resumes to vacancies is no higher than 33 across all front-office roles. Corporate banking in particular is suffering from a talent shortage that candidates could look to take advantage of.

Surprisingly, equities comes second in the chart above – the job market looks healthy for AVP/VP candidates, even as several banks in Asia axe more experienced equities staff. Meanwhile, In contrast to their junior counterparts, commodities professionals in Singapore with seven to 10 years of experience can look forward to a difficult job search – there are 139 CVs on our database in this sector for every vacancy.

At the 10 to 15 years’ mark, getting a banking job in Singapore gets decidedly more difficult in many functions. The main outlier is corporate banking, a sector in which both local and foreign firms in the city state are in need of experienced relationship managers.

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