Amazon in Singapore is quietly hiring for these 2020 jobs

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If you’re a student in Singapore still trying to land an internship next year, good luck. Deadlines for 2020 intern jobs at most banks expired weeks ago, while Google stopped hiring at the end of October. However, there is a major employer of both technology and business/finance students in Singapore that is still accepting applications: Amazon. And the company’s careers site has a wide variety of roles on offer.

Among these is the ‘AWS APAC Next Gen Internship Program’, which has been advertised for about a month (no deadline is stated) and which runs from July to December next year. Interns, who must be penultimate-year students working towards a Bachelors or Masters degree, get assigned to one of four teams with AWS, Amazon’s cloud platform: sales strategy, operations and enablement; sales; business development; or channels and alliances.

Success on the Next Gen scheme is essentially about showing off your leadership, creativity, communication and problem-solving skills. You will “independently own a key business project” within your team at AWS and at the end of the internship you will present a business proposal to senior management.

But you will need to get creative and communicate well (in writing) to even get an interview for this internship. When you apply, Amazon does not just demand your resume, it also wants a one-page written response on one of these two topics: ‘Define innovation using anecdotal examples, and professional experiences’; or ‘Why is it always Day 1?’ The tech company will evaluate your writing based on your “clarity of thought and expression”, according to its jobs site.

Amazon has also posted six openings since last month (none of which have application deadlines) for one-off intern jobs in Singapore. Of these, the pre-sales and sales intern role is possibly the most urgent, because it starts in January and requires students to take a six-month break from their studies. This job throws you into the deep end of cold calling and developing sales leads.

Amazon’s Singapore-based human resources intern position also lasts for six months, although the company doesn’t say when it starts. Meanwhile, there are four Singapore-based intern jobs on offer for which the time period is not disclosed: professional services technical program manager; marketing intern for global selling Vietnam; marketing intern for global selling Thailand; and program manager.

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