Where to find Asian operations and IT jobs at BAML, Deutsche, MS and others

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Operations and IT jobs in Asia

Where are all the ops jobs?

Where should you look if you’re applying for an operations or IT job at a global bank in Asia? Despite the rise of back-office hubs in countries like the Philippines (and the need for banks to keep some highly-skilled roles in Singapore and Hong Kong) the answer is overwhelmingly India.

We searched through the careers websites of several international banks to find the locations of their tech and ops vacancies in ex-Japan Asia. And we converted each country into a percentage of the banks’ Asian totals.

We excluded firms that are advertising fewer than 10 back-office jobs in Asia (e.g. Goldman Sachs and HSBC) as well as countries with fewer than 10 operations vacancies across all banks (e.g Indonesia and Thailand).

The results in the table below show the market breakdown of job openings rather than actual headcount, but they provide an indication of banks’ current hiring priorities for support staff.

India is the top market for IT and back-office jobs at seven of the 10 banks surveyed. Hiring at BNP Paribas (94%), Credit Suisse (88%) and J.P. Morgan (84%) is the most slanted towards the sub-continent.

But India doesn’t dominate recruitment at all banks – Standard Chartered, for example, is hiring comparatively evenly across all six Asian markets, including Malaysia (a country otherwise almost devoid of back-office jobs) via its Scope operations subsidiary. Almost a quarter of its vacancies are based in Singapore, where it plans to take on 300 more tech staff by year-end.

Deutsche Bank and UBS also have low Indian percentages.

Deutsche is currently on a technology hiring driving in Singapore, including for several positions at AVP level and above, and more than half of its Asian vacancies are in the city state. The firm has long been a dominant banking player for Philippines operations jobs – 29% of its current roles (product control, for example) are based at its Taguig hub in southern Manila.

UBS is recruiting across most markets, in particular China (49% of its jobs) where its Shanghai office has openings.

If you want a tech or ops job in Hong Kong, however, try Societe Generale – a third of its roles are in the city.

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