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in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Permanent, Full time
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in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Permanent, Full time
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Senior Consultant
Role/Department Description:

  • 15% Training and product Knowledge. Maintain up-to-date product, finance and industry in order to maintain our industry leading level of service.
  • Proactively sign up to certification level 3 modules and complete successfully.
  • Develop at least one expert product/content area in which others seek your knowledge and guidance and you take increased responsibility for the support and keep constant track of developments within FactSet and the market place.
  • Build out a complete understanding of key competitors and develop replacement strategies with your sales person (for accounts ABC etc.)
  • Set up and run a competitor forum for your team where you have monthly case studies of clients and discuss what is the best approach to take in a given situation
  • Use networking as a way to further develop industry information from key industry insiders
  • 40% Projects & Implementation Take responsibility for the successful implementation of new products and/or workstations in all of your accounts.
  • Plan your time effectively to ensure that you can always deliver timely service to clients to ensure as smooth an implementation as possible
  • Utilize I-traker tool in Control Center when appropriate and update on a frequent basis.
  • If necessary, delegate tasks to other members of the team in an efficient manner and according to availability and skills
  • Ensure that all relevant project work that is critical to the implementation is documented appropriately
  • Pro-actively communicate any potential problems or delays with your manager, clients and stakeholders as early as possible and discuss options accordingly
  • 25% Account Management. Ensure you execute strategies and initiatives that allow you to maintain and strengthen the current relationships with your user base.
  • Actively monitor the Usage on your accounts, plan appropriate strategies to increase overall usage and document all actions you take when usage is changing unexpectedly
  • Set up reports using available client management tools to monitor usage and any potential changes in usage
  • Build an understanding of the users workflow so you can target them with the appropriate training and overview which will overall increase the usage of FactSet
  • When there are unexplained usage changes immediately investigate and report your findings back to sales team and manager(s)
  • Regularly review sales /consulting service strategy execution with consulting manager in order to ensure that you're on track.
  • 10% Collaborate with Sales and specialist. Partner with sales in managing and retaining shared accounts
  • Complete a monthly Client Summary report and share with Sales and specialists.
  • Attend certain sales meetings with the Sales and Specialist group to discuss new opportunities and review sales strategies
  • Keep the sales team apprised of the client status, activity, opportunities, risks, and issues
  • 10% Junior Mentorship: Consistently share best business practices with junior team members, be a conscious role model and pro-actively mentor them and aid in their development
  • Consistently share best business practice with junior team members, be a conscious role model and actively mentor them and aid in their development
  • Provide appropriate and timely feedback on junior members of the team in catch up meeting with Manager
  • Actively coach junior consultants when you go on visits with them on what could be done better, different approaches to problems and general tips on improving their skills
  • Ensure that you are always very well prepared for any visits or meetings you attend with Junior consultants so that they are following a good example
  • Ensure that you take time to explain problems and solutions properly to aid the development of skills longer term
  • Set aside a regular time to go through queries and questions with junior members of the team to ensure continued development

Required Skills:
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in finance, MIS, economics, accounting, business administration, mathematics or similar field. MBA preferred. 2-4 years of experience, preferably in a finance role
  • Strong technical skills and deep FactSet product knowledge; strong PC skills
  • Enthusiasm, desire and a strong sense of initiative service/support for clients
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills; ability to inspire confidence and maintain composure in stressful situations
  • Ability to build strong, trusting relationships with FactSet clients

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